Become your own best friend with Devotie Academy!

Become your own best friend with Devotie Academy!

How much lighter would you feel if you think of yourself in a loving way?

How much more fun would your life be if you were your own best friend?

Chances are you are often in your own way. Maybe by putting too much pressure on yourself, criticizing yourself often, never being truly satisfied with what you do or with the way you are, by holding on to the past… or one of the other ways we sabotage ourselves daily.

That does sound a little bit relatable, doesn’t it? Luckily I can help you shed the weight of heavy thoughts. Devotie Academy teaches you to live according to your true potential of (self)love, inner freefom and a durable happiness. Experience yourself as your own soulmate!

Maybe you have already tried things to break negative thought patterns and to feel lighter, but has nothing brought about a lasting chance. You are in doubt whether it is possible to free yourself off the weight on your shouders and your persistent struggles.

Especially for you I have developed Devotie Academy. ‘Yeah right, another coach who claims to hold the key to happiness’, a critical mind might think. Why is Devotie Academy so effective? And how is it different from therapy and other coaching programmes?

Devotie Academy is unique, because it works on the level of
body, mind and soul.

It works on all three levels, through the unique combination of traditional yoga and meditation, mindset coaching sessions
and healing massages.

 The results are so great, because these elements are included for a whole year in a personal guidance programme.

The programme is built in a way that it:

frees the body of heavy or painful emotions and physical pain,

trains the mind to give up negative thoughts about yourself and change the direction of thinking from fear to love,

invites your soul to come to the fore more, which awakens an intuitive knowledge of who you are.

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Selflove and happiness

Devotie Academy clears the path to come into contact with your soul way more than now, which will remind you of the feeling of running into a very dear old friend again, with the vibe immediately just like the old days. Finally reunited!

Actually, the only thing that can go wrong is that you are not ready to take the leap… That is why I would like to invite you to grant yourself an investment in your self love and happiness, that is going to make you feel lighter for the rest of your life.

You have nothing to lose except time and money (that – in all honesty – you would spend on something anyway) and so unimaginably much to gain! I promise you will be grateful to yourself.

Is all the happiness in the world not what you would want for your best friend as well?