I have a very busy job. Does Devotie Academy fit into my schedule?

This is exactly why I have made sure that almost all components of Devotie Academy take place on Sunday mornings. Five times a year there will be a workshop on Saturdays. So unless Sunday is your standard workday, Devotie Academy will fit into your schedule easily. Look for the exact times and location on the Offer page.

Aside from time, a demanding job also costs a lot of energy. Because the Devotie Academy programme offers you rest, clarity and renewed energy, you do not have to fear that it will clash with your work related responsibilities. You will instead notice that you will be able to work more efficiently, to concentrate better and to feel more connected to your coworkers.

Maybe there is even a budget within your organisation for personal coaching programmes and is your employer willing to pay for (part of) Devotie Academy.

I am interested in Devotie Academy, but I am not sure if I dare to commit for a whole year.

I completely understand, it is quite a jump! So I thought of this beforehand. After we have concluded during our meeting that you would like to participate, I will send you an e-mail to confirm your application and set a starting date for your attendance.

From that starting date you still have 30 days to decide to pull your application for any reason. The amount you already paid will be returned to you as soon as possible, but at least within a week. No hard feelings!

Now for a more practical question: Can I pay in installments?

Sure. To keep it a little bit within reason administratively speaking, you may choose between two or five installments. (It is of course always an option to pay the whole amount at once of course.)

Do keep in mind that you are owed the full amount, also if you pay in installments. So if you were to decide to quit the programme early (after the cancellation period of 30 days has expired), you still have a payment obligation for the rest of the year.

Of course there are cases conceivable in which I will release you from your payment obligation. Life happens. But it is wise to remember this general rule, so you know where you stand.

Information about the price and the full programme is found in the brochure.

I have never done yoga and I am not flexible at all. Could I apply for Devotie Academy or will I make a complete fool of myself?

Please do not worry about this! I understand the question very well, since these days yoga is associated with the most acrobatic postures on mountain tops and intense stretches that many gymnasts would be jealous of.

When in truth, the original yoga styles are not focused at all on the physical body. You do not need to have a strong physique, a good physical fitness or a flexible body. Any body can join in no matter what. ‘If you can breathe, you can join’, I always smile.

You will notice that practicing this type of yoga will give you a strong feeling of not being limited by the body. That consciousness controls the body instead of the other way around and that you can always reach beyond the body on a subtle level. The body is not a fragile and brittle jail for consciousness, that it clings to for lack of a better option, until it crumbles for good. It is a temporary home.

Because of Devotie Academy, you will start to experience a deep gratitude for your body. This is because you will experience it as a means of communication with other souls and an instrument to bring the love you feel inside, into the world. This is when you will stop attacking your body for the way it looks or how malfunctioning you might believe it to be (due to disease or other physical discomfort). A deep knowingness that you are a soul, instead of a body, will awaken. This way even fear of death disappears and you gain a lighter way of living.

There is also another side to this story. By learning how to recognize and allow the love inside of you, this love also spreads out. This includes your body. A consequence is often that the healing of your mind also percolates into the physical body in the form of a cure. This is actually the same as the Bible anecdotes of the miraculous healings of Jesus. Cool, right?

I have another question that is not included here.

Do you already have the brochure? You can download it for free and it contains a treasure trove of information about me and Devotie Academy. Here you can read, among other things, about the price, structure of the programme and the results of Devotie Academy.

Would you like to speak to me or ask me a question directly, you can always plan a meeting with me or send an e-mail to You can ask me anything, so do not hesitate to reach out.

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