Devotie Academy

Devotie Academy is your personal yoga path, based on the heart of yoga philosophy. The movement from fear to safety is central.

After the year-long programme, you are like a beautiful tree with its roots deep in the ground. Safe, secure, strong and confident. From the inside out!

Devotie Academy heals what your experience of safety disturbs.


5x private classes

I teach you how to perform yoga postures from your inner security (muladhara chakra). This is how yoga works emotionally liberating.

2x yoga workshop

In the workshop we bring depth to yoga with a small group. The workshop has a theme connected to a chakra.

Coaching gesprekken Amsterdam

2x coaching sessions

The coaching focuses on getting completely free of your past. We look at your thoughts together and I give you creative assignments.

1x massage

With a mix between (Indian) Ayurvedic and (Japanese) shiatsu massage, I offer you a helping hand in releasing old baggage.

Discount on additional parts

Want more? You get 25% off workshops and a la carte offerings.

innerlijke vrijheid

At home

You are always welcome to text me. I will also lovingly develop your own yoga ritual for you.

For whom?

Devotie Academy is for you if you want to be in the world from a sense of deep inner security in a clear, conscious and loving way. Like a true yogi.

Inner safety is the cure for any kind of fear. Therefore, the Academy is suitable for you, among other things, if you seek healing from:

  • Insecurity & self-rejection
  • Fatigue & heaviness
  • Sadness, pain or loneliness
  • Trauma & insecurity
  • Difficulties in sexuality
  • Dissociation & being absent
  • Fear of failure, tension & stress

What others say about me


What I offer you

cathartic private yoga classes

inspiring yoga workshops

lovingly coaching

healing massage

discount on extra’s

a yoga ritual specifically tailored to you

possibility to contact me (with all your questions and concerns) via Whatsapp 24/7

What I ask from you

a desire for movement from fear to inner security

a financial investment of €700 (or €60 per month)

about once a month time in your calendar to attend a part of the programme (10 total)